Welcome to Reflex Examples

Reflex is a fully-deterministic, higher-order Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) interface and an engine that efficiently implements that interface.

The following are some examples of using Reflex along with Obelisk.

To run these examples on your machine, install Obelisk, clone this repo and run 'ob run' command.

  • Basic To Do List

    A simple To-Do list app with user input handling and state management.

  • Drag n Drop

    An example to demonstrate Drag and Drop functionality

  • File Reader

    Read a file on the client using FileReader

  • Onscreen Keyboard

    Use an onscreen keyboard along with the normal user input

  • Nasa: Picture of the Day

    Demonstrates XHR requests, by fetching Nasa' Astronomy Picture of the Day

  • Peg Solitaire

    A simple client side game

  • Tic Tac Toe

    A simple client side game

  • Display Game Updates

    An example to demonstrate nested Dynamic values. A widget to show updates for a game.

  • ECharts Examples

    Usage of ECharts (external JS library) with GHCJS and Reflex

  • WebSocket Echo

    Demonstrates use of WebSocket by sending and receiving messages from websocket.org' echo API

  • WebSocket Chat

    A simple chat server, this uses the common and backend packages to share data between client and server